CICBAA 2017 1er et 2 Décembre Lille | France
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1st & 2nd decembre, 2017 LILLE
IXth CICBAA Symposium


Dear colleagues, dear friends,

We are very pleased to invite you in Lille on the 1st and 2nd December 2017 for a new CICBAA Symposium.

More than ever, food allergy is at the heart of our daily practice. Advances in clinical, therapeutic and fundamental domains are hot topics. The program has been built with the help of the Allergo-Vigilance Network and the Food Allergy Working Group of the Société Française d'Allergologie. Thus, we wanted to focus on tolerance and treatment by integrating prevention, and also on cow's milk allergy. These sessions will welcome many French and European experts from diverse background - researchers and clinicians. The RAV session will be devoted to anaphylaxis through the presentation of the work that RAV has supported. The final session will focus on other news, food engineering and regulatory developments on labeling.

Professor Moneret Vautrin who has created and driven the CICBAA and the RAV since many years left us in 2016. You may remember her very moving intervention in Strasbourg during the previous symposium. This CICBAA congress will be an opportunity to pay tribute to her, and to think about the many contributions she brought to our work … which were particularly impressive for those fortunate enough to have met her!

We hope that this congress will be professionally enriching, and that you will also have some time to enjoy Lille. The city is particularly beautiful and joyful at the approach of the end of the year holidays. I am sure the North will be faithful to its reputation for extending warm welcomes!

So, welcome to the CICBAA 2017 Symposium, welcome to Lille! We are looking forward to you joining this new edition and we invite you to register online now.


Best wishes,


Professor Frédéric de BLAY
President of CICBAA  
Doctor Antoine DESCHILDRE
Vice-President of CICBAA